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These are sample requests and topics from the most frequently asked questions. Please scroll down the page to view all the resources or choose a category below for specific information.

We can guide you with all the process of admission and visa however we are not immigration advisers. Wherever needed, we get advice and guidance from OISC registered immigration advisor.

Yes, you are eligible to apply. But you need to provide visa refusal letter & proper reason for the refusal.

Foundation Course: A foundation is a one-year preparation course for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation for entry onto a UK university undergraduate course.

Foundation programmes are for school-leavers who have studied a non-British curriculum but wish to pursue a degree at a UK university.

Top-up Course: A Top-up degree is the equivalent to the final year of undergraduate study, and it usually takes one year to complete. As the name suggests, these courses enable you to ‘top-up’ an existing qualification, whether that’s a Foundation degree or another relevant qualification, for example, an HND, Bachelors, etc.

International students who do not meet the academic requirements for their postgraduation should take a top-up course.

A dependant partner or child should be one of the following:
husband, wife or civil partner, unmarried partner, child under 18 years old – including if they were born in the UK during your stay.

Visa rejections will be very rare. It happens only if the documents / information provided to us mismatches with the original. So, it’s better to explain everything to us including visa rejections.

In some cases, visa may get rejected due to insufficient fund maintenance. So, the students are always asked to maintain extra funds.

Visa may get reject if he/she stays in the UK more than the time limit given in the visa. You should return / reapply before the visa expires.

If the documents provided by the student to the university and visa application differs there are chances for your visa to get rejected.

And Yes, visa rejection could cost you more than Rs.50,000


These are sample requests and topics from the most frequently asked questions. Please scroll down the page to view all the resources or choose a category below for specific information.

You can start your overseas education process, once you complete your HSC or Under graduation.

The UK education system allows you to complete a postgraduate course in one year. In the UK, most Universities will give more weightage to the final examination or assignment rather than breaking it into different equal parts and asking the students to complete it.

Most of the classes were taught with practical sessions and seminars will be given by the experienced faculties who are currently working in the respective field. The UK’s education system focuses more on practical classes which includes internships, work placement, etc.

SOP is mainly used to assess your English writing skills and to know about your knowledge in the course that you have chosen and your career plans. Letter of recommendation: Any of your supervisor should recommend you that you are eligible to study in abroad.

Applications from students who want to return to university after dropping out will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Students should contact the university admissions department directly and be prepared to discuss the reasons why they left their studies, and if they want to re-join the same course or whether a slightly different degree might be more suitable.

If you’re hoping to go to university again, but a different institution or course, you have to submit a new application stating all the reasons for your previous drop out.

Generally, USCIS does not issue refunds for filing fees, regardless of the decision on the application. There are very limited exceptions: for example, when USCIS collects the incorrect fee.