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Ajaya Sharma

Ajaya Sharma

General Manager

Dream Achievers a team of professional consultants, and we are happy to assist you for all kinds of visa requirements.

GM Message

I am glad that you have chosen to read my speech, and I hope that my message fulfills your expectations. As a Nepali youth who has overcome difficulty and persevered in his pursuit of high standards, I write this. I’m sending this message in the hopes that some Nepali students would benefit from my overseas student experience.

It is difficult for a Nepali student to stand out in a sea of international students, but there are many who have done Nepal proud on the international stage. What’s required is a laser-like focus and unrelenting dedication. It actually starts just where you are now, as you read this message. Whatever you’ve accomplished so far, both academically and professionally.

I see a bright future for you, but I also see a lot of responsibilities that you must shoulder in order to realize your full potential. Take care, for your actions today will determine your future. Finally, if you require a friend, please feel free to contact me .

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