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Deepesh Baral

Deepesh Baral

Managing Director

Dream Achievers a team of professional consultants, and we are happy to assist you for all kinds of visa requirements.

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We understand that studying abroad bears enormous dreams, investment of money, and time that we must offer professional assistance. So, we encourage our aspiring students to do good enough preparation from the beginning to plan about their study abroad. At Dream Achievers, we provide authentic counselling in every aspect and with high importance, even to the things that appear to be minor. We love emphasizing a friendly manner and exchange of views. Transparency is our primary ethic, and financial subjects are dealt with safely. With the highest priority, applicants become highly informed regarding what to study and where to study.

Our counsellors and instructors are well-trained and certified. Recognized as the top standard coaching centre for Test Preparation, we provide classes with utmost care and an individualized way.

Be it Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand, we have successfully satisfied our students by giving them room to find a wide range of study programs, institutions, and countries. All the universities and Colleges that we represent are of high standards and have great locations. It’s a big challenge for students to adapt to a different environment, society, and culture. Thus, we conduct various informative training sessions before travelling and provide ongoing supports in the new place.

Our team is unceasingly dedicated to making your study abroad dream come into an incredible opportunity.

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